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Nursing Evaluations


Nursing Evaluations for the Texas Board of Nursing

     Dr. Dees has been approved by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) and the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) to provide both substance use and mental health evaluations.
     If you are mandated by the BON or TPAPN for an evaluation, you should consult with your case manager for assistance/approval prior to scheduling an assessment. We are also happy to work with your attorney to obtain an evaluation.

     The evaluation process includes completing a comprehensive Life History Questionnaire/ Intake History form which should be completed prior to your intake with Dr. Dees; the intake appointment typically lasts about an hour.

     After the intake, you will be asked to complete several self-report questionnaires, checklists, and surveys – the extent of which is determined by your referral question. A feedback session will take place about a week after all self-report measures are completed to discuss the clinical findings.
     The cost of the evaluation ($1,400.00) is not covered by insurance.

“Nurses dispense, comfort, compassion and caring, without even a prescription.”

– Val Saintsbury