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AD/HD Evaluations

AD/HD Evaluations

     The Clinic offers comprehensive evaluations for adults (ages 18 and over) who are concerned they may have an Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD).

     The assessment is a multi-step process, involving clinical examination, interview, a medical history review, behavioral observations, completion of normed rating scales by others (including loved ones, colleagues, educators) standardized testing, and completion of self-rating scales.    

     During the clinical interview, Dr. Dees will ask you questions about:

• Specific symptoms related to attention and focus

• Strengths and Challenges

• Family life and day-to-day stressors

• Work performance – meeting deadlines, productivity, etc.

• Academic performance – completing homework, projects, multitasking

• Family history – including any family member who have diagnosed or undiagnosed ADHD symptoms

• General health – including sleep and eating habits

• Drug use – both prescribed and illicit use

• Previous evaluations and their results

• Related and Comorbid conditions – anxiety, mood disorders, learning disabilities, etc.



     The evaluation assesses working memory, processing speed, executive functioning skills, and long-term and short-term auditory and visual attention.

     Psychoeducational testing is utilized to obtain information about your cognitive functioning and to assess if there are comorbid learning disorder(s).

     Results of testing can be useful in formulating treatment options, and are also needed if you are requesting academic or workplace accommodations. Testing typically lasts 4-5 hours in The Clinic.






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