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Chemical Dependency Evaluations

Chemical Dependency Evaluation

     A chemical dependency evaluation (also known as chemical dependency or substance use assessment) is a battery of tests used to determine if a person has a substance use/chemical dependence diagnosis. These evaluations can also help to determine which therapies and treatments will work for the individual being assessed and what level of treatment would be best.

     The assessment involves completing a comprehensive Life History Questionnaire and an intake interview with Dr. Dees, which lasts approximately one hour. During this interview, Dr. Dees will ask you questions about your personal history, marital issues, childhood issues and current occupational functioning, among other things.

     Dr. Dees will also ask about your past and current substance use and any legal issues that may be due to substance use. If you have been mandated by an employer, attorney, court or other legal entity, you will be asked about these details as well.

     After the intake interview, you will be asked to complete a number of self reports / questionnaires /  checklists and surveys.







     This will help determine whether you are physically dependent on substances, the severity of the substance use disorder, and the extent to which substance use has affected your life. These self-reports can also help determine if there are any co-occurring mental health disorders.

     Once all of the self-reports are completed, Dr. Dees will write a report which will be sent to you and any entity that has ordered the assessment. If treatment is indicated, Dr. Dees will determine the recommended extent/level of treatment.

“Recovery is an acceptance that your life is in shambles and you have to change it.”  

-Jamie Lee Curtis