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FAA Evaluations

Federal Aviation Administration Psychological/Neuropsychological Evaluations

     An FAA Psychological/Neuropsychological evaluation can be recommended to pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation personnel for a variety of reasons and from a variety of agencies (Airlines, Pilot’s Union, EAP, AME, Physicians, the pilot him/herself, and other sources).

     The purpose of these evaluations is to determine if there are any neurocognitive or psychological issues that may potentially interfere with performance and flight safety. The FAA has developed a battery of testing protocols, including the CogScreen Aeromedical Edition (AE) assessment, which is used in conjunction with other neurocognitive and psychological assessment instruments to determine if there are any issues that may make it unsafe to work or return to work.

     The testing assesses attention and focus, sustained attention, distractibility, divided attention, auditory perception, rapid motor responses, decision making, visual-spatial skills, rapid information processing, and short- and long-term memory as well as other cognitive domains. The testing (including the clinical interview) usually requires one full day (approximately 8 hours).







     If the individual being tested is being prescribed an ADHD medication, he/she should be off the medication for a minimum of 90 days before testing. The individual will also be required to undergo a urinalysis within 24 hours of testing to determine the absence of ADHD medication.
     Once testing is completed, a written report will be sent to the referring agency. Dr. Dees will make recommendations in the report, but it is the FAA that will make a final determination regarding medical certification.

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